• Specializing In Long Term Critical Care

    For patients with highly acute, medically complex conditions

  • Highly Trained Multidisciplinary Care Team

    Ensures patients receive the most advanced and innovative treatments

  • Personalized Care

    For maximizing a patient’s potential for recovery

  • Highly Rated Hospitals

    Accredited by TJC and CAPS ensures patients the highest quality of care

  • We Are Dedicated to You

    We have one goal – your health and recovery

The Specialty Hospital of Washington

Thanks for your interest in Specialty Hospitals of America. Please contact us at:

Capitol Hill

700 Constitution Avenue N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002-6058

Main Number: 202.543.4800
Admissions Department: 202.543.4800 ext. 2764
Email: info@shwdc.com


4601 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20032-1199

Main Number: (202) 574-5700
Admissions Department: (202) 574-5780
Referrals: (202) 574-5782
Email: info@shwhadley.com

Specialty Hospitals of America

Frank J. Wilich, Jr.
Specialty Hospitals Of America, LLC
IOS Business Center
155 Fleet Street
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

Phone: (603) 570.4888
Fax: (603) 570.4889